These are the World Class spots with the best waves in the entire Cantabrian Sea.

The Cantabrian Sea bathes more than 800 kilometers of coastline from Galicia, through Asturias and Cantabria, to Euskadi. If the conditions are good, there are hundreds of surf spots that can give you some of the best sessions of your life. These are some of the best beaches for surfing in Green Spain:


Mundaka, at full capacity

Mundaka It is the jewel in the crown of the Biscayan coast. During the autumn-winter months, its prodigious sandbar produces waves of unparalleled quality. Her left-wing tube places her in the ranking as "the best left in Europe" and it is not an exaggeration. Located on the left bank of the Urdaibai estuary, at the gates of its mouth, Mundaka is a dream come true for any surfer. Of course, like any world-class spot, it is a highly demanded wave. On a "classic" day, more than 200 surfers can be counted in the water in the hours close to low tide.


Rodiles, the Asturian jewel

Together with Mundaka, Rodiles It is one of the best beach breaks in Europe. Located at the mouth of the Villaviciosa estuary (Asturias), the wave of Rodiles It is internationally known for its tubes that place this Asturian jewel among the 100 best spots in the world. It is surfed primarily at low tide and, like Mundaka, it is a wave that is in high demand and frequented by locals, so respect is a fundamental premise when venturing into its waters.


Welcome to El Brusco

Located in the Cantabrian town of Noja, in the final part of its beach of Trengandin, The Brusque It is a somewhat capricious wave. It needs south component winds and high tide. Also a good shot of the sea to show its most precious face: its tubes. It is a very powerful wave that no one would say breaks on a sandy bottom.


Pantín, the wave factory

The pantyhose (officially called rodo beach) is located in the Galician council of Valdoviño, A Coruña, in the heart of the Ferrolterra region. It is a very constant spot where you can practically surf about 340 days a year, which gives it the nickname of the "Wave Factory". It has several peaks and is surfed at different tidal points.

The history of Pantín is linked to the mythical Classic pantyhose, an event with more than 30 years of history that every year brings together the elite of international surfing around its test of the WSL circuit that fills its precious waves with color and spectacle.

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