Galicia: white sand beaches and waves to discover

Galicia is the definition of eternal beaches of fine sand, clean and crystalline waters with a special magic. A territory of Atlantic idiosyncrasy with shades of green intermingled with strong mountains, great valleys, legendary towns, cosmopolitan cities and regions full of charm. Privileged setting for surf lovers where they can enjoy good waves 365 days a year.

The different orientations offered by the estuaries, with unique geographical features in the world, leave winds and tides that adapt to the surf areas, so that in a few kilometers the conditions are always favorable. Constant waves for different levels of surfing await us in the more than 100 spots on this natural coast.

From the border of Ribadeo with Asturias, to that of Tui with Portugal, you we discover the greatest wave potential in Europe in any season of the year, being the Costa das Ondas (Ferrolterra) and Costa da Morte perfect places for springs and summers, and the Rías Baixas and A Mariña Lucense for autumns and winters.


In the spring of 1969, Miguel Camarero and Gonzalo Viana They observe a guy on the Orzán beach who, with an orange board, glided elegantly over the waves. That surfer was Asturian Felix Cueto, and from that afternoon, the three established a strong friendship.

200 kilometers further south, on Patos beach, Victor Montenegro He was resting one afternoon adrift on a pneumatic mattress when in the distance he observed a human silhouette, possibly a foreigner, who was advancing upright on a surfboard towards the shore, disappearing at times. Amazed by this vision, Víctor convinced his brother Nacho and Nicolás Pita to manufacture a contraption similar to the one possessed by the unidentified foreigner from a foam sheet.

Some time later, they would appear on the scene Carlos Bremón, Francisco "Rufino" Tizón, Tito Fariña, Carlos Camarero, Carlos Coira, Alejandro Mesías, José Andrés, Jose "Queimarán", Vari Caramés and Vicente Irisarri, which would be the definitive ferment of surfing in Galicia.

In November 1987 the first surf club in Galicia was born: Ocean Surf Club, from the hands of Vicente Irisarri, Carlos Bremón, Gonzalo Barro, Carmen Aguilar and Fernando Montalvo, among others. With the idea of ​​filling this gap, the Aquasurf shop and Pantín Classic were born almost in unison. The latter with a great challenge: to organize an event that could be compared to those that already existed in France, California, Australia or Hawaii at that time.

Classic Galicia Pro Panty

If there is an event that has put Galician surfing on the map, that is the Classic Galicia Pro Panty. Its first edition was held in 1988 and it has not failed for a year since then.

To date, several world surfing champions have passed through Pantín: Tom Curren, Mark Ochiluppo, CJ Hoodgood, Damien Hardman, Sunny Garcia, Joel Parkinson, Gabriel Medina and Sofia Mulanovich. And also thousands of people. In the 1999 edition, the number of registered in the test touched the record number of 200 surfers –56 of them of Australian origin–. That same year, 25.000 people witnessed the triumph of one of the best surfers of all time: Joel Parkinson.

In 2009, the Pantín Classic was named best sporting event in Galicia for the Xunta.

Illa Pancha Challenge

Together with Pantín Classic, the Illa Pancha Challenge has burst onto the international competitive scene with a big wave competition in which the elite of European big wave surfing participate. The giant waves of "El Panchorro" in Ribadeo (Lugo) have already traveled around the world.

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