Sunset in Andrín, Llanes (Asturias)

Asturias It is a benchmark in surfing, not only because of its privileged location, the quality of its waves and the beauty of the many beaches where you can practice this ecological sport, but also because each place hides a variety of stories.

Over 200 beaches spread over more than 300 kilometers of coastline, Asturias is an ideal place to surf all year round. With a highly varied coastline, the Asturian coast is capable of feeding the most demanding surfing adrenaline, as it offers fascinating breaks for all tastes, even more than any other coastline.

Rodiles, Xago, Wall o Salinas They are some of its most renowned spots that offer waves practically all year round.


Asturias also has its own history of surfing. The Asturian surfing tradition dates back to the 60s when Amador Rodríguez and Felix Cueto They begin to surf and manufacture their first boards in 1962 on the Salinas beach, becoming the main promoters of this sport in the Principality. The Peñarrubia club and the surfing section would then be created within the Covadonga Culture Group, both in Gijón.

In the year 1967 the Australian brothers, Peter and Robert Gulley, they arrive at Tapia de Casariego with their van to spend a summer. During the four months they spent there, they created a following among the young people of the area who, in 1969, would create Club Bajamar.


In 1971, a scoring competition for the Spanish Championship was held in Tapia de Casariego, which years later would become scoring for the European circuit. After the death of Peter Gulley, in 1991, the test would be renamed 'Peter Gulley Memorial', which is still celebrated today.

Along with the Tapia Goanna Pro, other surfing events such as the International Longboard Festival and Surf Music & Friends of Salinas, the motor beach festival of Caravia or the surf festival de Rodiles, a classic that puts the finishing touch to a season of good waves.

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